2019 Dog-A-Thon

Team Loewen

I am extremely fortunate to have family and friends who will be joining me to walk and support my efforts in saving animals lives! Thank You for visiting our team page!

I serve on the Board of Directors at the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County because I believe in our mission of advancing the welfare of animals and promoting positive relationships between people and their pets! Through our community services like our pet food pantry and Cinderella program to the quality of care the animals receive in the shelter before they find their homes, we truly make Happy Happen! There isn’t anything better than seeing a smiling dog, purring cat, or bunny in the hands of a smiling human who found their furever friend!

With your support of Dog-A-Thon, we can continue our efforts in helping thousands of animals find their homes and continue our support within the community!

How can you help?

• $200 buys vaccines for 50 dogs and cats
• $150 provides medical treatment for an ill pet
• $100 vaccinates, feeds, and cares for a shelter dog or cat for a week
• $75 pays for diagnostic x-rays for an injured animal
• $50 buys a special PVC and canvas kennel bed for the dogs to lay on

“The purity of a persons heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals” -anonymous

Thank You,

Team Loewen


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